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There are some experiences in your life that you wish never came to an end. Some experiences that transcend the mundane nature of existence, which bring you closer to actualizing your full potential and which fill you with tremendous joy and a sense of immense gratitude. My fellowship with Light Up (Emotions Matter Foundation) has been one such beautiful journey. My official association with the organization lasted for 12 months but I can say with certainty that the relationships I have formed there will go way beyond. Light Up-EMF provided me with work that was challenging but satisfying, a space to thrive, personally and professionally, and a team that became a second home. Light Up-EMF is a very unique workspace because it provides you the motivation to convert your setbacks into possibilities and gives you the freedom to be creative in your work. One word that best describes Light Up-EMF is Community. Light Up-EMF has given me lessons and friendships, both of which will last a lifetime. I have personally always been suspicious of testimonies which are all rainbows and glitters, mainly because they could project a false image, but I don’t think there’s any other way I could describe Light Up-EMF or the time I had there. Given a chance, I would definitely come back to work for the organization.

Sarthak Singhal


I have been working with Light Up (Emotions Matter Foundation) since August 2018, and it’s been a wonderful journey so far! The entire team and the organization values each individual, and pays attention to not just their work, but also their emotional and mental state. I have been involved with working in Jamghat Girls home project, and delivering the SEL sessions has been very fulfilling. These are a bunch of girls who have so much potential, and have seen a lot of hardship in life, and deserve a chance for greatness. Light Up (Emotions Matter Foundation) tries to pave a way for this, by helping them and educating them about issues they face in daily life, including bulling, negative body image, lack of emotional regulation, abandonment etc.
The best part about Light Up (Emotions Matter Foundation) is that it has been responsible for not just the emotional growth of its beneficiaries, but also of its team, and I am looking forward to being engaged with them for as long as possible!

Yashaswini Gupta


Over the course of the months that I have spent as a Light Up (Emotions Matter Foundation) fellow, I have become more liberated. Working with the wonderful team at Light Up-EMF, I know myself to have grown more than I have in any other opportunity I have been a part of. I have learnt as much, if not more, than the young girls my partner and I have taught. Their curiosity and wonder is something I have imbibed. I started with Light Up-EMF ready to absorb as much as I could while advocating the importance of emotional intelligence, but also ended up learning compassion and how to live uninhibitedly. Not only did Light up-EMF patiently teach me so much, it also made me befriend people who greatly and selflessly labour for being of help to the community, and for that I am ever grateful.

Samira Sarin


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